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Project Casa

Project Casa

Your own Holiday Property

Project Casa is a special service as a result of our personal experience in northern Tuscany and has made its way on its own.

First, there were only advices and tips to freinds and people we know. Then we arrange house-selling . After it people came to us to arrange more services like this.. we were related to »Italian bureaucracy«. Our friends, later customers, have saved a lot of time and costs because we know how to deal with the officialdom in Italy.

If you are thinking of buying, but would like a second opinion on Estate Agent offers (value/cost of property), or if you’ve bought property but now feel you need some assistance with the intricacies of local bureaucracy, etc. – that’s where we come in. Try making a call or sending an e-mail, it won’t cost you anything.

If you’re already at the stage of renovating, enlarging, or restoring your property, what we have for you is a network of trusted professionals: architects, builders, masons, carpenters, plumbers… All guaranteed to give you quality service at an honest cost.
We can also help estimate the costs and offer suggestions for your home to be fitted in style. We can show you round to see work we’ve carried out in the area, so that you get an accurate picture of realistic solutions for the general layout and the interiors that won’t altering the spirit of the place and its historical structure. Recovery of original materials and bio-architectural strategies are part of our modus operandi.
You might also wish to employ us to supervise works while you’re away: with our ‘germanic spirit’ you can be assured everything will proceed according to plan. You’ll be kept up to date constantly and we’ll send you photographs to chart the progress of work on your property.

Just let us know how we can help you, we don´t bite.
Asking doesn´t cost anything – as a German proverb says.

Finally, we can help you get your electricity connected, tell you how and when to pay local council refuse or property tax, where to get insurance… Basically, we can be the friendly neighbours who are there to help you out… even if it’s a matter of mowing the lawn and doing a spot of gardening!

You want references?
We’ve got those too!

House Fivizzano

A complete makeover-refurbishment with a noble touch.


Before the deep blue water there was a green meadow here.


Before and After.

House in Codolo

This haouse was completle renovated and refurbished unter our supervision. It belongs to German people.


These pictures are showing the extension and redesign of a small porch, which has beed noverted into a terrace with a staircase and a small landry room.
The image of the village remains through the harmony of this building-change and is not affected by this conversion.

Il garage

These pictures enables you a deeper look at the work on an old water storage, which was converted to the »garage«. With simple renovations of the existing masonry we have reached the effect, that you don´t see any difference between old and new masonry.


Look at this construction of a new stone staircase, adapting all the elements of the existing image (brick / natural stone) of this house.

Casa Rosella

This Casa has been completely refurbished and renovated in a vintage style to keep the original look of the old building.


We offer you handpicked holiday rentals for every taste. Personal, fast and professional.
Individual care and service during your whole stay. To turn strangers into friends.
Experience inspiring vacation tips with troue insiders. You are our Guest and not a booking number.

We take care of your own holiday domicile or help you to find and
buy one.


Browse through our offers, send us your request or give us a call – and your dream in Italy is getting closer!